FDS Serviceport

As halls and other buidings are getting bigger and higher
these days also the maintenance and repair work ist getting more and more complicated. In many cases the supply of water and electricity is not assured. So they need an access authorisation during their roof operation which can cause different/several risks: risk of stumpling, risk of water damages, potential damages of the access lines and many more.

Our solution is the FDS Serviceport. The FDS Serviceport is a roof penetration with integrated power and water connections. This professional solution guarantees a clean tightning of the outer skin of a building. In combination with the flat roof foot the isolation is vapour diffusional proof sealed. The FDS Servicepoint offers integrated connections with foldaway covers for rain- and UV-protection.


material: aluminium
model: water-proof, welded model
connections: 1/2″ water connection, 230 V schuko-plug socket and 400 V power socket

upgradeable to vapour diffusion-tight if necessary