HEITHER3.0 – our heating kit for year-round operation

Our heating kit for year-round operation

moderneA protector can withstand temperatures below zero. The material can also withstand ice formation in the separator. If the water contained in the protector freezes during normal operation, it will not impair the functioning of the protector. Even without heating, the collection volume required, and thus the function of the protector, is guaranteed in freezing rainwater and snow.

Modern defrost protectors


The heating is only activated when the ice layer has built up to such an extent through additional condensation that it could affect the functioning of the actuator. The ice thaws and the excess water flows off. Then the heating switches itself off. In addition, in the event of backwater from the water or the ice, the control provides a fault alarm to warn the operator in the event of malfunction. The heating mats are mounted on a smooth surface underneath the protectors. This ensures even heat distribution. Alternatively, placement on outer walls is also possible.

Particularly with heat pumps, efficiency is of paramount importance. Therefore the targeted and efficient use of electrical energy is extremely important.

What happens with a heat pump?

At temperatures just below freezing, humidity is high and water condenses and freezes on the lamellas of the air conditioning system.
During defrosting cycles this is flushed into the protector, where it freezes again.
Without heating, a layer of ice builds up which can massively restrict the collection volume of the protector.
This is where full-area heating helps. In order to meet these requirements, we provide a system that records the temperature and water level in the protector in order to start heating in a targeted and efficient manner.

Freezing rainwater

festfreiThe valve of the GGW / AGW glycol protector closes and the drain is blocked by ice so that oil and glycol are retained even in thaw. The functioning of the AUW and CUW oil protector and the GGW / AGW glycol protector is still guaranteed as the collection volume is still available.


schneeeiSnow falls only in the area of the overhang, not under the unit. The protector volume allows for a certain amount of precipitation without restricting the safety device. The functioning of the AUW/CUW oil protector and GGW / AGW glycol protector is still guaranteed, as the necessary collection volume is still available.