(Glycol Highspeed Valve)

Compact. Easy to assemble. Universal. Secure.

Electric rotary drive with ball valve
Open-close control, 24 – 240 VAC/DC,
95° rotation angle with 5° preload
8 Nm, 15 Nm with emergency control function:
Fast spring return < 1 s

The GHS drive generator represents a revolution for control, safety and shut-off valves and other motorized components in technical building equipment.

With its protection class IP66, small dimensions, 3.5 kg weight, universal technical characteristics, an integrated heater as well as an optional stainless-steel housing, safe operation – even under difficult environmental conditions – is guaranteed. Brushless motors mean a long service life.
All drives can be programmed and adjusted on site without additional electronic aids. Motor run times can be selected on site. The universal power supply is self-adapting for input voltages from 24 to 240 VAC/DC. The drives are 100 % blockage proof and self-locking.

GHS drives are equipped with an integrated spring return function to achieve safety positions. In addition, the drives each have two integrated, permanently-set, isolated auxiliary contacts with change-over contacts.

The standard axle connection is provided by a positive-locking, double square hollow axle (12 x 12 mm). The modular concept allows for the retrofitting of adjustable auxiliary switches and other accessories.