FDD Flat roof installation

Changes to a flat roof will usually damage the roof cladding and risk penetrating moisture and cold bridges. It is therefore of great importance when planning a flat roof to allow for roof ducts, especially with regard to future installations of facilities such as solar or PV systems. We recommend that you always install sufficient roof ducts when building a flat roof.

The flat roof foot for diffusion-resistant use…

…is made of aluminium, completely welded, with simple integration and with a large base plate, a supplement to the flat roof duct and the service port. It consists of an additional roof base. The additional in-roof element protects the roof insulation against condensation.

The flat roof foot prevents the penetration of condensation water into the insulation level. This ensures that the roof skin is impermeable to vapour and diffusion.


Material: aluminum
Version: waterproof, welded version
Installation: the roof sealing sheets can be led and glued directly to the outer wall of the flat roof duct