AUW oil protector

The AUW oil protector is a safety system made of aluminium AlMg3 with a material thickness of 1.5 mm. It is manufactured according to EN ISO 573/585, quarter-hard H12/22, EN AW-5754.

The AUW oil protector is a catchment system for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems installed on top of the protector and, in accordance with legal requirements, prevents oils that have run into the protector, water hazard classes one to three (WGK1-WGK3), from being flushed out during rain.

Oils in the AUW oil protector are retained by an integrated oil separator. The AUW oil protector meets the requirements of Section 62 g et seq. of the German Water Resources Act (WHG).

The material differentiates the AUW and CUW oil protectors. The AUW oil protector is made of aluminium (and not stainless) steel. This low-cost material is also corrosion-resistant, but considerably lighter. This also provides advantages in terms of logistics.