GES glycol protector

GES glycol protector glycol detection system

The GES (glyco detection system) is a new type of sensor that detects and differentiates unwanted contaminants such as glycols in draining water. It differentiates between carbon compounds frequently caused by road traffic, organic rotting processes and the glycols to be detected. Three sensors in one housing are used to monitor both the quality of the liquid and the gases it gives off. This sensor automatically detects escaping substances and is not dependent on interaction with pressure sensors to ensure detection. This makes this new glycol recognition system the first of its kind.

The GES detects even the smallest quantities of escaped glycol and thus meets legal requirements under § 62g ff. WHG (Water Resources Act) and under the Facilities Regulations (AwSV). It therefore provides the greatest possible safety for your facilities

How it works

The glycol content measured by the sensor is displayed on the switch box (1 – 10%) to an accuracy of one decimal place.

The control module evaluates the data and, in the event of a significant measurement, triggers the alarm. The quick-acting shut-off valves downstream in the drain are locked and at the same time an alarm message or SMS is sent via the potential-free contact.

This technology can be combined with a stainless steel drip basin similar to the oil protector or integrated into a roof outlet, the outflow of which is held back in separate drip trays in the event of an alarm.