KS cooling water control

The use of untreated or partially softened water in water systems ultimately leads to problems.The following occur:

• Limescale deposits
• Bacteria and algae deposits
• Corrosion damage

The KS cooling water control

• Controls the water level in cooling water cir-cuits,
• Prevents the cooling water from thickening (dissolved salts) fully automatically
• Determines the optimum dosage quantity for replenishment or bleeding off in terms of hard-ness stability, corrosion protection, pH regula-tion and water level.

The KS cooling water control safeguards the conductivity and therefore optimal consistency of all important factors in the circulating water.If a certain set value is reached in the automatic blow-down system, the blowdown valve opens and part of the circuit water is discharged into the sewer.Control impulses are transferred to the dosing pumps and the required amount of inhibitor is fed directly into the cir-culating water so that has correct level of conductivity is provided again. The dosage is proportional to the amount of fresh water, guaranteeing a constant chemical concen-trate value in the cooling water.

The biocide is regularly fed-in as a shock dosage through the biocide dosing pump. This supply takes place based on time intervals and the dosage prevents the uncontrolled growth of algae, bacte-ria or fungi.When a UV disinfection system is used, this makes the microorganisms die prematurely from cell damage in the shortest possible time.