GlyTron Multi Kopieren

GlyTron Multi 4 and GlyTron Multi 8

The GlyTron Multi is an intelligent monitoring system based on the glycol protector. It can be used to monitor and protect up to four or eight pressure circuits.

The values determined, as well as information on faults, are displayed on the modern touch multifunctional panel.

Customized programming makes it possible to display the machines monitored, and to receive direct information about operating faults. In addition, results from operating status monitoring are stored so that these values can be called up – even after months. This facilitates the analysis of malfunctions in the refrigeration circuit.

The system can also be linked to a network. For example, the operating status of the system can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world via the internet using the integrated web server, allowing operation to be monitored.

The GlyTron Multi can be integrated into a monitoring centre, or is optionally pre-wired in a separate switch box.

Technical data
Multifunctional panel:

– TFT-Touchscreen with a resolution of 640×480 Pixels and 256 colours
– Robust metal housing, with front IP65
– Three USB-ports
– Two system bus ports
– LAN interface for web server applications
– Two RS 232 serial interfaces

Central procesing unit:

– Four or eight monitored pressure circuits
– Robust metal housing
– Integrated web server
– Battery-buffered RAM for SPS